The Podcast

Alex S. Brown, PMP IPMA-C

Many people like to read, and this site gives you plenty to read.

Other people prefer to watch and listen. The podcast gives you access to the new material on this site in an audio and video format.

All of the recorded speeches are available this way, and most of the new articles are published simultaneously in print, audio, and video formats.

If you own a portable music and video player, subscribe to any of the podcast feeds. You will get all the new content as it is published:

If you do not know how to subscribe to a podcast, read the documentation that came with your music player or music software — it is easy to subscribe with any music device. If your documentation does not explain how to subscribe, just do a web search on the words “subscribe podcast” and the name of your music player.

What Is a Podcast Anyway?

“Podcasting” is a way to automatically download audio and video files to a portable music player or computer. It is like subscribing to an on-line newsletter, except you get audio or video files on your portable player.

You will not get any e-mail if you subscribe to the podcast; if you want an e-mail newsletter, subscribe to that here.

What Are These Format Choices? (MP3, MP4, AVI…)

Different music players prefer different types of formats. If you are not sure, go with the MP3 audio podcast. Every player will work with MP3 audio well.

Video support can be a little tricky. There is not a single format that all players support. Many portable players do not support video at all. For the iPod and other Apple players, use the MP4 format. For most other players, start with the AVI format. If one does not work, try the other instead. If none of them work, contact me with the make and model of your player, and I will work with you to try to create a compatible format.

The Ogg Speex is a highly compressed, open-source format. Most portable players do not support it, but anyone who is passionate about open-source can use it on their computer or on one of the few portable players that support open-source music formats. If you want an Ogg video stream (Ogg Theora), let me know and I can create a podcast in that format as well.