Strategic Project Managers LinkedIn Group

Alex S. Brown, PMP IPMA-C

The Strategic Project Managers LinkedIn Group is a group of project managers working on strategic goals for their organizations. We realize that cost, time, and budget are all important, but sometimes strategy is much more important than any tactical project goals.

Members of this group promise to

  • Think and act strategically
  • Cooperate with and help other strategic thinkers in their organization
  • Sacrifice their tactical, project goals when there is a larger strategic issue at stake
  • Improve the relationships between project leaders and strategic planners

The main purpose of the group is to help its members achieve these goals. Members are encouraged to share problems, questions, and ideas among the group.

Joining the Group

Anyone who wants to join is welcome to. Follow this link to sign up:

By signing up, members agree to support the principles and ideas of the group, as listed above.

This group is a self-run and volunteer based group. If any member wants to change any of the rules, principles, or ideas of the group, they are welcome to do so. Post a comment or proposal; if the majority of the people responding agree with the change, then the rules and principles listed here will change.

Responsibilities of Membership

Volunteers moderate membership in the group. Members who disrupt the group or who do not support its principles will be removed.

Before any member is removed, he or she will have a chance to explain themselves in a discussion forum. A majority vote of the membership on the discussion board will decide whether the member remains or is removed.

Commercial postings and messages are generally discouraged, unless they are VERY closely related to the topic of strategic project management. For example, postings about services like PMP prep, general PM software tools, and basic classes in project management are not welcome. Notices of classes about strategic planning for project managers, software for tracking strategic fit of projects, and similar tools are acceptable. Repeated or disruptive posts are never welcome.

History of the Group

Alex S. Brown, PMP IPMA-C founded this group in October 2008. His goal is to have more project managers think and behave strategically in their day-to-day work.