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The Charter: Selling Your Project

Delivered at the PMI North America Congress in Toronto, Canada

Recorded September 12, 2005

Presented by Alex S. Brown, PMP. Find out more about Alex at

About Alex S. Brown, PMP

Why Charters?

Alex asking a question

Question for the Audience

Question mark

Questions from Rita Mulcahy’s Sept 23, 2003 presentation, “What Does a PM Really Need to Know?”

Keynote Speaker: Keith Harrell

Keith Harrell speaking, and the CD cover for Attitude is Everything

Wiggle Like a Dog!

Keith Harrell, fists clenched, ready to move!

The FEELING of a Charter

Two hands about to shake on an agreement Picture by intuitives, downloaded from Used with permission.

What Happens Without a Charter?

Business person being kicked out the door while someone screams, 'You're fired!'

Topics for This Session

What is a project charter?

Definition from PMBOK Guide 3rd Edition

Are They Charters?

Authority, Authority, Authority

A key

Changing Charters

But My Sponsor Won’t Write a Charter…

Business person signing a form

The Charter and Organizational Strategy

Question from the Audience

How important is it to get a charter in writing? Authority seems to be the key, but I need clarification here…

Question from the Audience

Does Sarbanes-Oxley require documenting a charter?

Charters Tie Projects to Strategy

Tips to Tie Charter to Strategy

The Moment of Opportunity

Employee bowing before his manager, with a red 'X' over the image. A business man and woman shaking hands below.

Why Charters Appeal to Strategists

Negotiating Using a Charter

The Charter Answers Key Questions

Negotiate Using the Charter

Processes, Policies, and Procedures for Charters

Charters Demonstrate Organizational Maturity

Sample Charter Process

Process flow showing an arrow from a lightbulb to a document to a group discussion to an approval stamp

Charter Template

Sample Charter Process

Process flow showing an arrow from a lightbulb to a document to a group discussion to an approval stamp

Benefits of a Formal Process

Hand holding a clipboard

Areas for Further Study

Question: Samples? Templates?

Now available at

NY State Office of Technology Templates

Available through their Project Management Guidebook at

Areas for Further Study

Question: Update Your Charter?

If you have a lot of change, should you update or restart your charter?

Final Questions for the Audience

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Contact Information

Alex S. Brown, PMP
Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Group, USA (as of 2005)
Real-Life Projects, Inc. (as of 2007)

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