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Strategic Project Management

Alex S. Brown, PMP

Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance (MSIG USA)

Session ADV09

Presented October 24, 2006

Introducing Alex S. Brown

What is a Project Nightmare?

Case Study

There is the door…

Exit Sign


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Between You and a Beer…

Dusty CrowdThree Beers

Question from the Audience

Why don’t you ask everyone if they want you do to the whole speech?

Case Study

Session Overview

What is “Strategic Planning”?

Key Concepts for MSIG USA

What is the Strategic Plan?

Strategic Planning Office


How many project managers do you have…do you work with?

Partial Organization Chart

Strategic Project Management Org Chart

How Project Management Complements Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning – Ideas

Project Management Achieves Results

Project Results Drive Change

Continuous Feedback Loop

Strategic Project Management Cycle: Strategy, Ideas, Projects, and Change

Continuous Feedback Loop

Strategic Project Management Cycle, with organizational plan updates influencing strategy and staff feedback influencing ideas

Events that Join Strategy and Projects

Project Start-Up

Project Closure

Budget and Resource Authorization

Project Prioritization

Crisis and Strategic Change

Involving Senior Management


How did you get there in the first place? Working with a 300-person company, no PMO, no Strategic Planning Office. How did we get you there in the first spot?

Project Management Tied to Strategy

Decision Making

Project Management Training

Constant Reinforcement

Trends in Project Management Related to Strategy

PMI Goals and Marketing

Portfolio Management Standards and Books

Many Books “Selection-Focused”

Challenge: Link Strategy to Project Management at Your Organization

Contact Information

Questions on Challenges

One-person planning organization and project management office. Biggest problems: span of control and time horizon. How do you define what a project is when trying to achieve strategic goals? Sometimes the projects do not require PMs.

Question – Planning Horizon

Some managers forced to do a one-year planning horizon, senior executives do a five-year planning horizon. Very hard to link the two. Do you have that type of challenge?

Question – Quantitative Links

We understand the importance of linking strategy and execution. Do we have any framework to quantify how each project matches to the strategic objective?

Recommended Reading

Question – Extreme Strategic Value

Are there places where KPI (Key Performance Indicators) do not really work? Are there situations of extreme strategic value? Are there customers who you must say “yes” to?

Question – How Often Do You Review the Plan?

How often do you typically review the plan with CEO? Crisis may trigger it, but how often is the process planned?

Question – Handling Push Back

Part of the security department in the organization, biggest challenge is push back by the entire company. Senior management has guidelines for quality and time line. It is hard to convince others. Do you have any guidelines to help with this?

Question – Formal Selection and Scale

First, talk about your formal project selection processes. Second, what research would support this scaling to a much larger organization with a heavier work load?

Question – Criteria and Killing Projects

Do you have formal criteria and do you kill projects?

Question – Improvement in Performance?

You have been in the position for about three years. Can you verify that there has been an improvement in organizational performance?

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