REAL Comments Wanted

Alex S. Brown, PMP IPMA-C

One of the great new features of this WordPress site are article comments. You can add your thoughts about almost any article just by typing them into the feedback box at the bottom. So far I have had over 100 comments on this site, I am happy to say. Unfortunately not one of them has been from a real person. All of them have been spam!

I have set up software to filter the spam and keep it from getting to you, the reader. As the writer and site admin, though, I would like to hear from you. Please use the “comments” feature to share your thoughts with me and the other readers.

In fact, please leave a comment on this post with any requests or ideas you have for the site. I would love to hear from you. Just scroll down to where it says “Leave a reply” and enter your thoughts. The system will ask for your e-mail, but that will not appear on the web site. That is just to help me sort out the spam.