“Project Charters Bridge Cultures” Speech Recording

Alex S. Brown, PMP IPMA-C

Learn how project charters successfully bridged cultural gaps when making decisions among a community of Japanese and U.S. executives. Establishing a clear chartering process was the key to project management’s success at the company. The presentation will include templates and overviews of the processes established.

This speech was delivered and recorded live for the PMI New Jersey chapter on International Project Management Day, November 2, 2006. You can hear the speech and see the slides using the player below, or download the speech in various formats.

Bio from the Event

Alex S. Brown, PMP, is the Manager of the Strategic Planning Office at Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Group, USA. He also helps other firms solve their real-life project problems as President of his own company, Real-Life Projects, Inc. He has spoken at the last three PMI North America Congresses and the 2002 PMI Symposium, in addition to several regional and specific-interest project management events. This year will be his third presentation at a PMI NJ event. His articles have appeared in several newsletters, and he provides advice to peers internationally through his web site, http://www.alexsbrown.com. He has been a project manager for software development and financial services projects since 1993.

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