Alex Brown’s Other Sites

Alex S. Brown, PMP IPMA-C

I am involved in several other web sites and topic areas.

Real-Life Projects, Inc.

I am the President and owner of Real-Life Projects, Inc.. If you enjoy the articles and speeches here, and do not have time to waste applying these ideas to your organization, you can contact me there to get help and support.

Toastmasters Networking

I am an active member of Toastmasters International, and I started a special web site devoted to business networking, social networking, and Toastmasters. It is called “Toastmasters Networking” and it is available at

I also founded the LinkedIn Toastmasters group. Visit the Toastmasters Networking site for information about how to join this group and many other business and social networking groups for Toastmasters members.

SdB+PM Forum

I am a moderator at the SdB+PM Forum, one of the best places on the web for experienced project managers to meet. Join us there to discuss any topic, serious, lighthearted, professional, or personal. Visit for more details and to register as a member.

If you are a senior project manager and have every been frustrated trying to find people with whom you can discuss project management in depth, you owe it to yourself to join. It is a great way to network with some of the leading people in project management. It is like a club, and we use the on-line LinkedIn service to share job leads and professional contacts with each other.

Project Management Maturity Interest Group (PMMIG)

I attempted to form a group of project managers interested in maturity models, but got very little response and only a few people who were interested in the topic. Unfortunately I was not able to create a self-sustaining group. Anyone interested in these topics, I strongly recommend joining the SdB+PM Forum. It is the best on-line area to find like-minded people.