New, Unique Feature at – Audio, Video, and Text for All

Alex S. Brown, PMP IPMA-C

The latest articles on this site will now be offered in three formats: audio, video, and text. I discovered that doing this is almost unheard of on the Internet. Other sites provide video and audio, but they do not provide the full content of their articles in these formats.

I started to record my latest articles, thinking that I was just following common practices for modern speakers. After all, I have heard time and time again how popular podcasts and audio books are. Some people do not have time to read, but they can listen to your content. It is important to make your material available in many formats.

I made my recording, and then went to insert the audio and video into the article. I was not sure where to best place it, so I went out looking for other sites as examples and inspiration.

I was surprised to find out that none of my role models have audio and video versions of their articles or blogs.

They publish every one of their books as an audio book. They ALWAYS read the complete and unabridged version of their book.

They publish video and audio blogs or podcasts. They NEVER use their articles or blog entries as the script for the audio or video.

They treat their audio or video entries as new, separate articles. Their print articles are more frequent. Their video and audio articles are less frequent. They are on a different topic than any of their print articles. Some people keep the material on separate sites, and many embed the audio or video in their blog.

Scott Ginsberg, the Nametag Guy and his Nametag TV site are good examples of this approach. Notice that his articles are great and his video segments are great, but they never cover the exact same topic.

I am not sure why experts do that. After creating a great message and putting it in print, I want to use that same message in an audio or a video segment. I know that some people prefer print, while others prefer audio or video. Different adults with different learning styles prefer one format over the other. Why not let all adults with any learning style get the same content in the format that they prefer?

I did not plan to do something innovative. I thought I was just following my friends’ good advice. In the end, I wound up doing something unique and different. I thought I was following the rules and I wound up making new ones.

You can see the first article available in all three formats: A Sad, Sad, Day for Project Managers. If you like the audio and video, let me know. I will keep producing my future articles this way so long as people are using and enjoying all the formats.

Note: The “video” format is not a full-motion video of me talking. Instead, it shows slides and images that match the audio message. In my opinion, typical “talking head” video is boring and expensive to produce. I might add full-motion video in the future.