Experimenting with a New Look for alexsbrown.com

Alex S. Brown, PMP IPMA-C

Take a look at test-wp.alexsbrown.com for a new look for the web site. A wonderful web designer, Trisha Cupra, is helping me with the makeover. If you have any ideas or comments, please contact me or post a comment here.

Trisha is a wonderful designer who has done some great work for friends site’s including Lyle Lachmuth, The Unsticking Coach and Rita Wespi, the Math Matinee. She is not actually coding it, but helping me polish up my own odd ideas of good design. So if you do not like the site, blame me, not Trisha! Trisha is great to work with, and is one of those professionals that put you at ease. She really works with the brand and ideas of her clients. We are having a lot of fun working through my own quirks and thoughts. (I promise that she has talked me out of bringing back the old green-on-black color scheme.)

My goal with the redesign is to modernize the site a bit and to introduce a little more graphic interest. That has never been my specialty, which is why I asked a real designer for some help.

Nothing is final yet, but I am using my test site to play with ideas. Please visit and let me know your thoughts.