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  1. News: Video, Podcasts, and Web Seminars (December 2008)
    Sent December 17th 2008

    News from **** My Holiday Gift to You **** My gift to you this year is some great new audio and video. Several recorded speeches are available for free on the site today, and I will convert all of them to the new, easier-to-access format ...

  2. News: Web Seminar, Twitter, New Strategy Articles and More (November 2008)
    Sent November 9th 2008

    News from *Announcing Web Seminar on Change Management: November 25* I will be offering a one-hour web seminar titled �Change: The Only Certainty in Your Project Plans� on November 25th at 5 p.m. GMT/UTC. Space is limited so register now ...

  3. News: Strategic Risk Management & Discount Expires 15 October (October 2008)
    Sent October 14th 2008

    News from *�Strategic Risk Management� Published* A new article, �Strategic Risk Management� has been published. Learn how to better integrate the risk management practices of a company. Project risk, project portfolio risk, and enterpris...

  4. News: More Negotiation and a New Store (September 2008)
    Sent October 2nd 2008

    Some news from *�Negotiating For a Project Charter� Published* A new article has been posted describing how to negotiate for a project charter. This article adds to the series of articles and speeches on project charters. People have had ...

  5. News: Negotiating Using a Project Charter (June 2008)
    Sent June 26th 2008

    Some news from *"Negotiating Using a Project Charter" Published* A new article has been posted to the site describing how to use a project charter in negotiations. This article adds to the series of articles and speeches on proj...

  6. News: New Look & Consulting Article (April 2008)
    Sent May 1st 2008

    Some news from alexsbrown: *New Look for and* My two web sites have gotten a new look. The design features the same high-contrast, easy-to-read qualities as before, but the color scheme has been updated from yellows and greens to...

  7. News: March 2008
    Sent March 31st 2008 News: March 2008 Some news from The New "PMI Pro Democracy" Group I am helping to host a web site and discussion group for a number of PMI (Project Management Institute) volunteers who are concerned about the...

  8. Reminder: Special Course Pricing Expires in Two Days
    Sent January 30th 2008

    I hate it when people go on and on about their special pricing and promotions, but I wanted to send one reminder out to everyone: The special discount for on-line project management courses expires on January 31, in two days. I have a goal to get at leas...

  9. News: January 2008
    Sent January 5th 2008 News: January 2008 Some news from �Strategic Project Management� Available as an On-Line Speech and ClassThursday, 3 January 2008 by Alex Brown �Strategic Project Management� was presented to a packed lecture hall on ...

  10. News: December 2007
    Sent December 1st 2007 News: December 2007 Some news from Presenting What is Failure Anyway? Web Seminar on December 4 I will be presenting What is Failure Anyway? on a web seminar from 12 pm to 1 pm ET on Tuesday 4 December. It is run by th...

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About once a month I send out an e-mail about what is new or changed on the site. The e-mail contains a short summary of the new areas, articles, or features, and a link to the new material. It is a convenient way to get notification as new material becomes available. Each e-mail will also contain information about one service or product from my company, Real-Life Projects, Inc. (

The articles are generally about project management, IT and strategic planning. They are based on research, my personal experiences, and my personal point of view.

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