News: Web Seminar Update and a New Speech on Consulting

Alex S. Brown, PMP IPMA-C

Date: January 23rd 2009

Two weeks ago, I offered you the chance to subscribe to my first annual web seminar series - 10 or more 1-hour events for $25 for the year. I set a target of 20 people as a minimum to launch the series, and so far 12 people have subscribed. I am leaving this offer open until Wednesday 4 February 2009, and I urge you to log in and sign up now:


If you prefer, you can subscribe through my own on-line store, which accepts some additional payment methods, including American Express, checks, and purchase orders:


Let your fellow project managers know about this offer. After 4 February, the annual subscription price will increase to $52 per year. For people who want to attend just a single web seminar and who have not subscribed, the cost will be $12 per event (subscribers will get a special registration code, so they will not pay the per-event fee). This early registration price is a great bargain, and a great way to support all the content on

I have also developed pricing for group subscriptions. If you are an officer in a PMI Chapter, SIG, College, or other professional organization, consider offering these series as a benefit to your whole group. If you run a PMO or other group of project managers, consider offering these to your employees.

Help your whole organization with a group subscription:


*** Frequently Asked Questions ***

Many of you had questions about the program, so here are some answers to the most common questions:

Q: Will these web seminars be eligible for PDUs? How many?

  1. Yes, these are PDU-eligible events. My company, Real-Life Projects, Inc. is a PMI Registered Education Provider. I will register each event in their database as eligible for one PDU. Anyone who attends all web seminars will be eligible to receive 10 or more PDUs.
  2. How long will the events be?
  3. Each event will be scheduled for one hour. I will stay on-line in the web seminar room for as long as needed to answer everyone's questions, so they may run longer than the scheduled hour sometimes. For events that run longer than an hour, PMI certificate holders may be able to claim more than one PDU.
  4. What will the topics be?
  5. Topics will be a variety of advanced project management topics. Subscribers are encouraged to let me know what they want covered, and I will set the schedule based on their interests. Topics will be similar to what you see offered on , risk, charters, and other topics that matter to experienced project managers. There is too little good content available for experienced project managers on-line today. This series will cater to you, the experienced project manager.
  6. What if I miss the scheduled event? Will recordings be available?
  7. Yes, all sessions will be recorded. Sometimes digital recordings fail, so I cannot absolutely promise that every session will be recorded. I expect that every session will be recorded successfully and be made available to subscribers.
  8. This is a steal! Is is really just $25 for 10 web seminars? (I am not making this question up; people really asked this question.)
  9. Yes, it is really just $25 for 10 web seminars. There are plenty of free web seminars available on-line from other companies, but most are for introductory topics and the session quality varies. Many other services charge anywhere between $40 for a 3-hour on-line class, up to thousands of dollars for 14-hour and longer on-line classes. These will be ten, high-quality, web seminars, targeted towards experienced project managers, for $25 for the year.

This is a bargain.

*** New "So You Want To Be A Consultant" Speech Recoding Available ***

On 5 January, I presented a lively session about what it is like to be an independent consultant in New York City. This one-hour session is very frank, very honest, and available to everyone at: <>

Thanks so much to everyone who has subscribed to the web seminar series. If you have not subscribed yet, I urge you to sign up now. If you have already subscribed, let your fellow project managers know, or approach your organization about doing a group subscription. I will happily refund any individual subscription if you wish to convert to a group subscription instead.

Alex S. Brown, PMP IPMA-C

116 Sunset Rd
Belle Mead, NJ 08502

P.S. Please forward this newsletter to any interested colleagues or friends.

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