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  1. News: asapm aPRO Webcast on June 3
    Sent June 2nd 2010

    I will be helping to moderate a session about asapm aPRO, the asapm Performance Rated Organization maturity model at 3 PM EDT, 3 June 2010. aPRO is a breakthrough standard for assessing and rating the maturity of project management processes in a corporati...

  2. News: Branding and Stress Management
    Sent April 28th 2010

    News from *** A New Article on Branding – "A" vs. "THE" *** Reflecting on branding and marketing, I realized the importance of saying “a” instead of “THE”. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ADVERTISEMENT FROM ALEX S. BROWN *** Apri...

  3. Tomorrow is the Last Day for the Real-Life Projects Web Seminar Reduced Price
    Sent March 30th 2010

    Just a quick reminder -- tomorrow is the last day to subscribe to the Real-Life Projects Web Seminar series at a reduced rate. You can subscribe for $192 USD today or tomorrow. Starting April 1, the price increases to $242 USD. This series features over 5...

  4. Web Seminar: "Unmanageable Projects"
    Sent March 21st 2010

    This week I will be giving three web seminars on the topic of "Unmanageable Projects". Some project seem to defy logic and traditional management techniques. These three on-line seminars will give you ideas on how to manage some of the most diffi...

  5. News: Communication, Emotion, and the 2010 Web Seminar Series
    Sent March 16th 2010

    News from *** "Project Communications and Your Emotions" Available *** Are you using emotion in your project communications? Of course you are, but are you doing it intentionally? A new article available in text, audio, and vide...

  6. News: The Story of Project Management Spam and New Audio/Video Features (March 2009)
    Sent March 31st 2009

    News from *** The First Project Managment Spam *** Read the story about A Sad, Sad Day for Project Managers � the day that a project management company first began using spam as a marketing strategy. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ADVERTISEMENT FROM...

  7. News: Consulting Speech and Web Seminar Launch (February 2009)
    Sent February 2nd 2009

    News from *** "So You Want To Be An Independent Consultant" Speech Available in Podcast and Videocast Formats *** Curious what it is like to become a consultant? Ever thought about consulting? Hear this open, honest discussion o...

  8. News: Web Seminar Update and a New Speech on Consulting
    Sent January 23rd 2009

    Two weeks ago, I offered you the chance to subscribe to my first annual web seminar series - 10 or more 1-hour events for $25 for the year. I set a target of 20 people as a minimum to launch the series, and so far 12 people have subscribed. I am leaving th...

  9. News: Web Seminar Subscription Offer
    Sent January 9th 2009

    I normally only send one update per month, but I have a special situation this month. I want to offer a web seminar in February, but I need your help to make it happen. I would like to have a full, 10-program web seminar series in 2009, but I need commitm...

  10. News: Podcast and Videocast Gifts Delivered (January 2008)
    Sent January 2nd 2009

    News from *** New Speech Recording: Get Your Senior Executives Excited about Project Management *** At the Tampa Bay Florida chapter in November, we discussed "Introducing Project Management in Your Organization". This presentat...

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