Alex S. Brown as Line Art – Bigger Files But Nice Zooming Effect

Alex S. Brown, PMP IPMA-C

The presentation tool Prezi has inspired me to play with line-art. For presentation and publication graphics, I much prefer the look of line art to bitmaps. Take a look at this converted head-shot to see the difference:

Original PNG Image of Alex S. Brown

PDF of Line Art Created in 256 Passes (1.5 MB)

PDF of Line Art Created in 42 Passes (359 KB)

PDF of Line Art Created in 256 Passes with No Smoothing (3.8 MB)

Click on the links to see the PDF files in another window. Zoom in and compare these vector-art images to the original PNG, bitmapped photo. Beware — the larger PDF files are very complex and will take some time to download and view.

None of these photos are wonderful. Even the original was a little fuzzy. Given that they all suffer from flaws, though, I like the vector-art versions better.

The vector art versions were created using the Inkscape “Trace Bitmap” feature. Advanced converters, like Vector Magic allow more artistic versions of the same image. Any of these images could be improved with some retouching.