Group and Corporate Subscriptions for 2009 Web Seminars Available

Alex S. Brown, PMP IPMA-C

We are more than half-way to the subscriber goal to start the 2009 web seminar series, and we have until Wednesday 4 February to make the goal. To help get the series started, I am offering group subscriptions for corporations, PMOs, non-profit groups, PMI Specific Interest Groups, PMI Colleges, PMI Chapters, or any other group that would like to subscribe.

Just a single group subscription will launch the series.

Benefits of a Group Subscription

Running a web seminar series typically costs hundreds or thousands of dollars a year in telephone and web service charges. Arranging for good, knowledgeable speakers is difficult. Managing the PDU claims and R.E.P. records for PMI certificate holders is a pain.

With this subscription, your group has a complete web seminar series for the year, with at least 10 web seminars planned and scheduled for you.

As a subscriber, you can even request that specific topics be covered. Usually very few subscribers request specific topics, so I should be able to accommodate your requests quickly.

Your group gets fast access to me, Alex Brown, and my project management expertise. They can ask questions live during the event, or contact me before or afterwards. Recordings of each event will also be available for your group at no additional charge.

I will also repeat web seminars as needed to accommodate multiple time zones. If you see a holiday conflict or time-of-day issue with an upcoming event, let me know and I will arrange a repeat performance.

By becoming one of the first group subscribers to this program, you will enjoy huge cost savings. At the end of the year, you will look at this as one of the least expensive, highest impact educational investments you have made. Whether you already have a web seminar series or you are thinking of starting one, this is a very cost-effective program to help your project managers improve their skills.

How Will A Group Subscription Work?

Group subscriptions will allow members of a group to attend any web seminar for free, using a special registration code. I will bill the group administrator for each person who attends a web seminar. There is no charge to the group if someone registers and cannot attend, and there is no charge to the group if no one attends.

Any group that registers in the program by 4 February will pay $5 USD per attendee for the rest of 2009.

Any non-profit group, including professional associations like PMI Chapters, SIGs, and Colleges, will pay $5 USD per attendee for the rest of 2009, up to a maximum of 10 attendees per month. After 10, the additional attendees are free. Non-profits or professional associations will pay a maximum of $50 per month, no matter how many members attend.

This program is open to for-profit corporations as well, but there is no per-month cap on their charges.

After 4 February, the per-person rate for corporations and associations will go up to $10 per attendee. Contact me now to register at this rate.

Privacy and Verification

I do not need your list of group members to run this service. If you wish to provide the e-mail addresses of the members to me, I can notify them of each event and handle all aspects of registration. If you prefer, I can provide the event notices to a central administrator

Restrictions and Limitations

If a group has an excessive number of people register and not attend (90% or higher), I reserve the right to change the payment or registration process, such as putting in place a cap on the number of registrations for the organization or setting a minimum monthly fee. Excessive no-shows can cause capacity problems for web seminars and interfere with the planning for the events.

Typically only about 50% of people who register for a web seminar actually attend. No-shows are expected and I will handle typical situations myself. If no-shows become excessive and interfere with other subscribers, then we may need to make changes.

If a group uses the recorded web seminars and never or rarely sends attendees to the events, I also reserve the right to impose a minimum monthly fee.